Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Why Can't I Stay Out of Trouble

I have wanted to blog for days, but with no internet connection it has been difficult. It's lovely to be back and I thank everyone who has taken the time to stop in and share these tidbits with me. I have especially enjoyed visiting your blogs.

With all that being said if I had been writing, it would have gone something like, ouch! ouch! please, I'm sorry, okay, I won't do that again. Damn! I did it again, ouch! ouch! please. That has been my holiday cheer. Okay, not completely, Christmas morning was very nice, but I was sitting on a very red behind.

I don't know if its been the stress of the holidays or my mode of self improvement mixed with a healthy dose of Alpha coming out, but communicating has been increasing more difficult between J and I . I feel mentally on top and that means I become a bit more sarcastic and that never bodes well for my derriere. With J getting more serious about consistency and figuring out that sit spots hurt for days longer than others I have been stuck between; I knew I deserved that, to that wasn't fair, to I know I can stay out of trouble for just another day! How hard can it be?....walking to the dinner table with my pillow for my seat. I'm not kidding. It is ridiculously funny as I envision the effort it took to sit, I have to laugh that uncomfortable laugh.

I'm out here in a fairly populated city, but my life and friends are in the North. Although I have a foundation of happiness that I am extremely grateful for with my husband I also have this huge void of that good old fashion girl friend time. I have lots of people around all the time and I work with almost all women, but I haven't really made any friends while in my new state. And I feel a desire to share with my best friend about mine and J's life style. Anyone care to share how they, if they, have shared their DD lifestyle with their Vanilla friends?

Well that's all for now. I have to go off to my domestic goddess duties of the day so that I can get back to my favorite website, which is as of right now, Pintrest!


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  1. Hi Saguaroheart,
    I just wanted to say hi and let you know that I'd found your blog. I'll be back to read through the 'archives' when I have a bit of time. Welcome to blogging!