Monday, December 12, 2011

Monday, really!@#

Things I love about Monday; waking up with my husband. Things not so fun about Monday; when husband spanks me moments before I leave for work, ouch. Then as I walk out the door and down the stairs my bag breaks and its contents spill all over. Humm,  why can't we just start the week with Tuesday?

To  make Monday even better, when I got mouthy with my husband this guessed it, into the bedroom he directed me and over the bed I went. Ugh! I was unhappy with his actions and I snapped a bit to harshly and was taken in hand swiftly.

Admittedly, this mornings discipline was a good thing, once I put myself back together. What I dislike most about morning spankings is the fact that I have my make-up on and I hate the idea of crying with my mascara on. On top of that, although this is probably good for me, its a quick hug and out the door I have to go. I am a dweller by nature and learning to move forward is a good lesson. More importantly, moving on knowing a situation is done and over with and that I am still loved. Wow! this life of mine is different from my past life. I prefer to have time to talk after and lay together, but with children and one night shifter and one day shifter we don't usually have that opportunity.

Over all I appreciate the fact that my husband took me in hand before my week got underway. I have a difficult time with "your getting a spanking this weekend" and days turn into weeks and my mood goes from bad to worse. And when the PMS monster is in full force the side of me that wants life to go smoothly is most appreciative to her man for helping adjust those nasty mood, even if it did mean the discomfort of a new, meaner implement on my backside.

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