Sunday, January 1, 2012

This is No Laughing Matter...

I have to be honest, I have received so many spankings over the last few days it’s getting hard to keep track of each situation, but I will save those recollections for another entry.

I admit to having done nothing except surfing the web all day. Yes! So nice to relax in my own home! Did I forget to mention that I am on Christmas vacation and don’t have my two youngest kiddos.

Honestly, it was not my plan to park myself on the couch at Noon and not move again until after 5:30pm. Between blogging, pinning and getting caught up in the web and being cuddled up in a comfy blanket on my cushy chaise, well, I completely lost track of time. Oops! I wouldn’t have even noticed the time if Hubby hadn’t woke up at 5:30 pm. He’s not suppose to be up until 6:30, but noooo, today he had to wonder into the living room right after stopping by the restroom and he just had to come sit down next to me on the couch. He snuggled next to me, laid his head on my shoulder. My thoughts, they immediately wondered to the fact that no dishes had been washed, no laundry had been started and no presents had been wrapped.  

As he sat down next to me and I immediately got the giggles. Why? Maybe it was nervous laughter or maybe it was just excess energy from sitting still for so long and then actually reaching a happy comfortable place in my soul, regardless, this is how it manifested itself. He asks, “Have you been pinning all day?” (, my latest addiction.)

“No, I did some research for a couple hours and just got back to pinning.”

He says, “Its okay you haven’t taken a day to yourself since the kids left, but you do have plans for tomorrow don’t you?”

Wasn’t that sweet…darn, even his kindness didn’t squelch the giggles and I responded, “Of course, big plans, huge plans, ginormous plans!” Laugh, Laugh, Giggle, Giggle. At which point he gives me a curious look and gets up to get ready for work. I get up and start the dishes and pack him a lunch. Hubby works nights.

With my hands in sudsy water in my great new pink rubber gloves, Hubby wanders into the kitchen. I smile, he smiles then he utters the dreaded, “Did you take you medicine?”

Then I react, “F***!”

“Okay, that’s it, in the bedroom,” he commands.

“But, I just started the dishes and I am in such a good mood, please not tonight. I am sorry.” The whole time I am trying to keep a straight face and not doing such a good job of it. I just couldn’t stop laughing.

He responds, “You are in a good mood, but I don’t have time for this, ONE!, TWO!”

I pull my pink gloves with cherry blossoms off. In a huff I walk past him toward the bedroom. Hubby is right on my heels! He grabs the wooden spoon from the dresser; I look him right in the eyes, bat my eye lashes intensely then break out in hysterical laughter. He starting to crack, he’s smiling, almost laughing and I say, “You can’t spank me if you’re laughing.” Hee hee, ha ha, I bury my head into his chest in a pleading manner. This is sure to convince him this is not a good idea tonight. What does he do? He closes his eyes, takes a deep breathe, tries to put a serious look on his face and says, “Bend over the bed!”

“Fine!” Flop, I throw myself over the edge of the bed.

Whap! Whap! Whap! Ouch! Giggle, Giggle, Whap! Whap! Okay, that was 5, I stand up. He looks me in the eyes. I am now, half bend over with laughter and he says, “You think this is funny? Bend over!”

“No! I am sorry.” I feel his strong hand direct me back to the bed. I give in.

In my head, “Please, stop laughing!”

Over I go, a little tamer than the first time, but not by much. Then he reminds me why I am here and drives home the point that this is no laughing matter by tanning my backside with a bit more gusto than the first go round. After the second swat I wasn’t laughing any more, by the third I was really sorry, but that didn’t change the fact that the count had already doubled. Grr!

When it was all over I took my extra deep breathes before I stood back up, as I usually do. Then I turned around and we hugged. I expressed that I was indeed sorry. He told me all was forgiven, but that 2012 is going to be a different year for us. “Isn’t that right?” I nod, “Yes Sir.”

Since then he has made good on the 2012 promise, but more on that later.

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