Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Little Me Time

I’ve not had internet at home for over a week now, it seems. Talk about inconvenient! I’m all excited to join the blogging world and down goes the internet. I suppose I could look on the bright side and say that it has given me a few days to live, grow, laugh, cry which equals, something to write about.

That brings me to Cape Girardeau, Missouri. I am sitting in a hotel room by myself.  That’s right all by myself, no husband, not one of the three boys, two sugar babies, one dog or two cats, just me and what is left of my sanity. I have taken myself to a movie, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, very emotional. Back up, I should share that I have this wonderful privilege because its time to share the kiddos with their real Dad.  I was asked by Hubby if I wanted to stay the night before I dropped the boys off or by myself. Of course I answered, by myself. So, here I am! Ahhhh! I feel like I can breath and at the same time trying to figure out just  how I am going to spend these few short hours of my total and complete alone time, silent time, freedom to watch, eat, or go where I please time.

Go to movies and eat popcorn – check
Go to mall and have my nails done – maybe, I bought a color I just need help with my cuticles.
Go to Panera Bread for dinner and bring back to enjoy a show of my choice – We don’t have a Panera Bread in my town or much time to watch TV much less of my choice.

Humm- could do some yoga, brought the mat
              Could do some energy work, meditation
               I could take the longest hot shower ever! Heehee
               Plan my New Year’s goals
Too many things I could do with no distractions, UGH!

Of course I do have to leave in the morning and because I have a spanking waiting for me, that I talked my way out of at 2:30am this morning, I think I should be as free as I can possibly be. Silly I know, since its going to hurt regardless of how much fun I could have today, but it sounds like an awfully good way to think at the moment.

How did I earn a discipline so early in the morning? Ironic actually, I was just bragging to Hubby about how I hadn’t said GD since my first spanking over the issue and what do I go and do? Blurt out in a most despicable tone “GD! ****” Hubby flew out of our bed grabbed the paddle so quickly I think my heart stopped. I really was sorry and begged to  have things taken care of when I got home and he agreed. Whew! If he had spanked me right then, still angry, I know the first few hours of my six hours plus of driving would have been not comfy. I am doubly thankful that Hubby is perceptive and could hear that I really felt badly, which lowered the count to 15. If I plan right I might make it home just after he has left and it will postpone the inevitable yet another day. Is that so wrong? I know I deserve this one, but I don’t want to run home for it either.

It is still early enough for me to take a shower and get the grime of the road and movie theater off of me and still go to the mall and eat. I hope everyone is having a wonderful time getting into the spirit of the season.  


  1. Okay. I'm jealous...of your time alone! Enjoy yourself and good luck when you get home. :)

  2. Oh wow. Alone time! It's awesome you came up with cool stuff to do. Me, I just tend to stare at the walls and not know what to do with myself lol.

  3. Welcome to blogging! I am a lot like you, solitude resets me and I love it now and then. It's time alone with me..and I like me :)

  4. It sounds like you had a fine time alone, and you also have a very understanding husband who knew you needed that.


  5. Rogue- Thank You!
    Lil- I know the feeling and have been working at learning how to enjoy spare time, it's a gift.

    Stormy-Thank You! I love your statement about the fact that you like yourself, very refreshing!

    Hermione- I feel very lucky that my husband understands this need.