Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Humm, This is Odd...

I got some bad news from the doctor yesterday that sent me into an emotional tailspin. The news was like anything other bad news that is health related is a process and mine consisted of shock, anger, and a lot of tears. Needless to say I wasn't on my best behavior, nor did I care. My husband did, but he let most of my withdrawing slide and my snippiness, until this morning.

I didn't intend to be grumpy or ugly this morning, but overall that is what happened. I guess I hadn't quite gotten to acceptance regarding my health. He sends the kids to the car and I don't take notice. Why? Because last night he was compassionate and loving and understanding. So, when he said we were going to take care of some business I was truly shocked. I was running almost late, still upset, dressed and had make-up on for work. I walked calmly into the bedroom and pleaded for him to spank me this evening. I was ready to cry right then. I was relived when he agreed that this evening I would be spanke.

I almost for got about this evening until my oldest said that Hubby had asked him to take our youngest to church tonight. Humm, this is unusual! My baby boy never goes to church. I could be reading into things, but I am not so sure that I am. I wake Hubby up in 15 minutes and I guess I will find out.

Only now I am back to raging a bit over the house and this and that and don't have any tears in the background. When I don't feel sorry, spankings are worse, and even though I respect what we have decided  I growl and fight, can't help it. Tough girl act.

Why is it is that we know its deserved, but we don't want it.

I'll let you know if he forgets or if I'm sitting gingerly.


  1. I'm sorry to hear that you got some bad news from your doctor. :( I hope it's nothing too serious. Good luck tonight...sounds like perhaps you could use some stress relief though.

  2. Sorry about the bad medical news. Hope you have worked through that part...and hope that you got your head together before the spanking. I agree, it really helps if one doesn't go into it with a fit of rebellion.

  3. Grace: Thank you! So, I'm not the only one that gets a good dose of stress relief from a spanking?

    Susie: Thank you. I tried to work through it but not as well as I had thought.Ouch!

    Your comments mean more than I can express. It's good not be alone in my thinking. Thank you both again!

  4. Oh no, you're most certainly not alone! (((hugs)))

  5. Sorry to hear you got bad news :(

  6. Emi- Thank you

    I am enjoying all of your blogs! I am feeling more secure in this lifestyle as I walk with those of you who've taken such care to share your insights, joys, and frustrations. ((hugs))