Thursday, January 26, 2012

It all began on a Sunday...

It seems like a while since my last spanking...humm I must be good, NOT! We have both been tired and involved with all things related to a hectic busy life. All in all I thought things were going along pretty good until this past Sunday. We had a great conversation during our Sunday School Class and even had a few laughs in the car with the kids. When we got home we were going to participate in the simulcast from my previous church (he is baptist and I am inspired by Adam Hamilton the Minister from my previous, very non-baptist church).

The vision you should have at this point is five people moving quickly to find their seats to watch the sermon and one little one half naked running from his room, arms full of bath toys, to the bathroom. Then it begins. The Minister said something that J had to pipe in and say something about and I had to say, "I want us to treat this like church." J argued the point a little and I pouted a little and then the choir started to sing traditional hymns. I don't dig traditional hymns in fact I don't particularly did Christian music, some just not much. So, as I was saying the hymns begin and I get up to put a clear coat of nail polish on my nails at the kitchen table. I figured since nothing was going on and I was the only one taking this seriously I could paint fast and then they would be dry fast and viola, mult-tasked myself almost to my second coat on nail color that may or may not happen. BUT...NOOOO!.....J starts to argue with me about how I am not taking this seriously.

At this point my frustration level is rising and I am feeling a bit talked down to and I express to him that maybe we need to take this to the bedroom if he had anymore to say about the matter....duh! stupid move.

Reminder to self, spankings happen in the bedroom behind closed door when husband is unhappy....keep him in view of the family next time.

We storm to the bedroom and we express our points back and forth until he says, "That's enough! Over the bed!"

Note to self: Telling husband no your not going to punish me with the kids in the living won't work, damn!!

Over I go and WOW! that really hurt so up I came. 

His voice very clearly telling me that I wasn't done. 

Funny, I was!

Over again, and the solid swats landed on my jeaned behind.

I stood up (amazed he let me off that easy) he opened the door and we walked quietly back out to the living room. I sat my partially stingy rump on the couch and he snuggled next to me and we watched the sermon. 

Spankings on Sundays, no matter how light should be allowed! It was a bit distracting to have my buns burn and try to listen to the word.

Since all of this I have been a bit punchy. I don't think it has anything to do with how Sunday progressed, but I do seem to be flexing my not so submissive muscles and opinions and it has lead to some tension. Yesterday we got into and exchange of opposing opinions and don't you know he raised his voice, that earned me 10. Tonight I pushed all the wrong buttons and....yup....that earned me 10! so glad he didn't see what I threw when he left the room that would have earned me more.

GRRRR! PMS, all meat diet, not losing weight, and a general unrest.....could it be spring coming to the south? Whatever it is I really wish it would blow away these feelings of unrest and grow back my roots of my loving submissive side. 


  1. I'm with you! Pick a sabbath, any day and then add a no spanking clause. Heh, let me know how it goes for you. I read this last night in bed and chuckled at the 'no spanking on Sundays' part. I tried my theory out on my husband and he had his own little chuckle. He finds Sundays to be a perfect day for spankings.

    Dang that PMS. Be good!

  2. Spring in the south in the WINTER makes me happy. Soooo, blame the PMS. HA!!

  3. I'm happy about the warm weather we are having for sure but it makes me want warm weather even more. Being cooped up with these HOHs constantly is making me a bit..cramped. ANyways, def distracting to listen to a sermon with a stinging rump...AND if you want to lose a bit of weight my dear...that all meat diet isn't the best of ways. Cause...the weight will come back. Start eating lots of salads and WHOLE foods...throw out the processed stuff. Think brown rice with pinto beans topped with tomatoes and cilantro...think banana and strawberry slices and almonds...think big salads with veggies and sprouts and boiled egg. Then think 30 minute brisk walks and light weights....the pounds will come off slowly but they'll stay off!!!! Good luck to you and your effort! It's great when people are trying to be healthier!