Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Laughing Matter...Really?

I know that is has been forever, but I am back to give this a go again and share an event that happened between J and me. I am hoping I will hear responses along the lines of: Yes, crazy but it happens.

J and I have been going through a lot lately, so much so that DD has been off the list of priorities for a while. I  have been okay with this because, as of late, I have felt strong and on top of things.  I kid you not it has been over a month and I haven't even worried about getting told to lean over the bed. Honestly, I can't remember what prompted my husband to decide it was time to take back the reigns, but he did. Well, , I would have to guess that it was my snarky humor and my attitude, humm it gets me every time! Seems I get this way when I am feeling good and when this happens dear ol' Hubby likes to remind me when I have crossed the line.

So, we will say it was my mouth that got me in trouble. I was told to go to the room and get into position. I did as I was asked. He met me in the bedroom and began the warm-up. I hate spankings in all forms particularly under the guise of a warm up, Ouch! When he was done with his 20 warm up swats he went for the paddle. He began and I yelped and he asked if I was complaining, best response to this question is to lie and say, "No Sir", and I did just that. He continued and I stayed as still as I could and didn't complain anymore then he asked the one question that I absolutely cannot stand, "How many is that?". A couple things came to mind, "Ah, was I really suppose to be counting? and "Who the heck can count when their getting their arse tanned?!. Then I belted out, "21". I knew it was suppose to be 20 and I put my hand back and earned an extra so it seemed like a safe answer and honestly it felt like 21.  Hubby says, "Nice try" and I bust out laughing and then he was laughing. I thought I was in the clear, laughter is good right? Wrong! After he took a deep breath the conversation went along the lines of him telling me to bend over the bed again only this time his arm came across my waist and in no time there were no more giggles for yours truly. I counted and loudly  and he thought that was funny. When he was done with me not a hint of a giggle was left in me and my rear was nicely red to prove it. I almost forgot to mention that our brand new beautiful curly maple paddle got broken in the process. 

I learned my lesson, but I still have to wonder where in the world those spontaneous giggles come from and hope that they only happen again some place other than during discipline.


  1. It's nice to see you posting again! And yes, it does happen. Sometimes a little levity is needed I think and isn't there a saying about laughter being the best medicine? ;)

  2. Thank you Grace! It feels good to be back. I agree laughter is definitely the best medicine even if it means sitting is a little uncomfortable.